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Melissa Quintas


Digital Artist | Compositor based in Los Angeles -CA, seeking to expand my horizons and branch out my acquired knowledge to other Artists and Studios. 

As of July '13, I currently work at Stereo D as a Comp | Paint Artist, where I get to apply and expand my knowledge in Compositing, Painting, Clean Plating, Matte Painting among other skills. I was involved with Iron Man 3 (2013), Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013), Pacific Rim (2013), plus more.


My previous job was at Pixel Magic, where I've worked for 7 straight months on different projects, such as: Gangster Squad (2013), Beautiful Creatures (2013), The Conjuring (2013), Motel (2013). My main duties were Compositing 2D and 3D elements, Sky Replacements, Green Screens, Rotoscoping, Rig and Wire Removals, not limited to.

On March '12, I have graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Animation, specializing in Compositing. 

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